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Juan José Carrera Verdugo

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

He was born in 1782, the oldest brother of Javiera, Juan Miguel and Luis Carrera. He was a brigadier in the Chilean independence army. He married Ana Cotapos.

In 1814, after the battle of Rancagua, he fled Chile, crossing the Andes with men, women and children, many of whom travelled on foot: "the hardships and sufferings they had to undergo are not to be described". (Sutcliffe, 110.)

He is listed among the exiles in Cuyo. (Guerrero Lira, 297-299)

When the Carreras became out of favour, he and his brother Luis were captured and imprisoned in Mendoza in 1817 by Monteagudo. They were executed on 8 April 1819. (Sutcliffe, 317-319.)

Clissold describes him as "conscious of his seniority [and] sometimes sullenly resentful of his more brilliant brother's pretensions, but his own manifest inferiority of gifts and personality always compelled his eventual submission. After the battle of Rancagua the Carreras were sent to San Luis, escorted by San Martín's troops. Cotapos was with them. Javeira Carrera desperately tried to free him and Luis after they were imprisoned in Mendoza. There was a plan to escape and to execute the governor of Mendoza, but he was a reluctant ally and wrote to Cotapos of his wish to return home (see below). Cotapos had been working in Chile to obtain his pardon and release and managed to secure a promise from O'Higgins. News of this stay of execution arrived in Mendoza after the brothers had been executed. (Clissold, 93, 133-135, 163-169)

Life Events

Born 1782
Other 1814He took part in the Battle of Rancagua.
Other 1817He was captured in Buenos Aires.
Other 1819He was executed in Mendoza on 8 April 1819.
Other 1828He was awarded a Premio Postumo by Manuel Magellanes on 24 March 1828.


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Letter: Carta a Ana Cotapos


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