Gendering Latin American Independence
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Carta a Ana Cotapos


Writing Type: Letter


Extract of letter sent to Ana María Cotapos during his imprisonment in Mendoza, sometime between 1817 and 1819.

Keywords: Carrera, Cotapos, exile, Chile

Archive: Hallworth Library, University of Nottingham

Location Details: Reproduced in Stephen Clissold, Bernardo O´Higgins and the Independence of Chile, Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1969, p.167-168.

Text: Only let them send me back to my country as free as when I left it. Only let me stay quietly on my estates and they can be sure that they will not so much as know I´m still alive. If I break my word, I myself will propose the penalty; they can shoot me.

Gendering Latin American Independence

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