Gendering Latin American Independence
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Obras completas, Vol.V, Poesías


Writing Type: Edited Book


Introduction gives details of Olmedo´s background. His poems about women include "Mi retrato", written to his sister, Magdalena, Lima, 1803 and 1842 in response to her death; his wife, Rosa Icaza; his daughter; and Eliza. Most of the poems are undated. His "La victoria de Junín" and "Canto a Bolívar" do not mention women. There are references to Sucre and to General Miller. "Canto a Bolívar" was written in Guayaquil in 1825. it had 824 verses. It was revised in London (1826, 909 verses) and a third version was produced in 1846 with 906 verses.

Keywords: Olmeda, Bolívar, Junín, family

Publisher: Talleres Gráficos Nacionales, Quito

Archive: Instituto Riva-Agüero, Lima

Gendering Latin American Independence

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