Gendering Latin American Independence
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José Joaquín Olmedo

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in 1780, he was maestro of philosophy at the Universidad de San Marcos (Lima, Peru). A poet, who wrote ode “A la Victoria de Junín”. He became opposed to Bolívar. (Tamayo Vargas, 490-498).

He was president of the Junta at Guayaquil from 1820 until at least 1822, Bolívar wrote to him asking him to annex Guayaquil to Colombia (Colombia would then have a port). O'Leary claims that Bolívar went as far as making threats to ensure that Olmedo complied. (Humphreys, 31.)

He was in London from October 1825 to November 1826 and in Paris from November 1826 to July 1827. He then returned to London for 8 months before returning to the American continent in March 1828. After a long, unpleasant and dangerous journey around Cape Horn, he landed in Valparaiso where he learned of the death of his eldest child, Rosa Perpetua. (Olmedo, xxiv-xxv)

He dedicated several poems to his sister Magdalena; one, "Mi retrato", was written in Lima, 1803; and "En la muerte de mi hermana", 1842. Others were dedicated to his wife, his daughter, and Eliza. (Olmedo, 25-31, 168-172, 202-203, 227, 233)

He wrote "Sucre is a hero, is my friend…" Olmedo was elected Vice-President of Ecuador in 1830, but he resigned soon afterwards to become prefect of Guayaquil. He took part in politics until his death in 1847. (Coester, 64-65)

He attended Manuela Rávago's tertulias in Lima. (García y García, 324)

He was friends with Andrés Bello. Bello admired his Canto a Bolívar. (Franco, 32)

Life Events

Born 1780
Other 1820He was president of the Junta at Guayaquil from 1820 until at least 1822.
Other 1822He attended Manuela Rávago's tertulias in Lima around this time.
Other 1825He went to London in October 1825, and left in early 1828 (visiting Paris from November 1826 to July 1827).
Other 1826He was in Paris from November 1826 to July 1827.
Other 1830He was elected Vice-President of Ecuador.
Died 1847


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