Gendering Latin American Independence

Interview Project

Latinas in the United Kingdom, 200 years later

This is a project by Maria Loreto Urbina, a researcher at the University of Nottingham:

"In the following interviews we aimed to capture the experiences, ideas and thoughts of Latin American women living in the UK. They form part of the part of the activities carried out during the project ‘Women and Independence in Latin America’.

In January and February, we interviewed twelve Latin American women resident in England, whose life stories not only reveal diverse backgrounds, but also varied reasons behind their decisions to choose the UK as their new home. These interviews show how experiences shape identities and provoke personal reflections on the role of Latin American women in the United Kingdom.

We wanted them to describe these experiences of emancipation in their own voices, to tell their own stories and thus contribute to the construction of the collective memory of the Latin American community in the United Kingdom.

We would like to give special thanks to LAWRS for giving us the opportunity to talk with many of the women who participate in its activities in London."

You can read and listen to the interviews here:

Diana (Colombia)

Juana (Chile)

Marcela (Argentina)

Merci (Ecuador)

Mariana (Venezuela)

Miriam (Chile)

Patricia (Perú)

Sandra (México)





Gendering Latin American Independence

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