CANCELLED (to be rearranged) - Exploring the geographies of cosmopolitanism and international finance

Wednesday 30th March 2022 (13:00-14:00)
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This seminar is cancelled and will be rearranged. 

With James Beardsmore, University of Nottingham.

This is an online seminar and all are welcome. Please contact for the link.

Part of the Economic Worlds Seminar Series.


financial centres (IFCs). Within global geographies western universities, particularly those located within the USA, UK, Australia and Canada are often cited as distinctive sites of cosmopolitan reproduction due to their national diversity, student diversity, positionality near-global cities and English languages context.  IFCs represent another distinctive site of cosmopolitanism, the banking, accounting, legal and financial firms within them hosting multinational teams that navigate global markets, facilitate transactions and serve as the pipelines of global finance capitalism.

I argue that cosmopolitanism is an important factor in world geographies because of its role in financial systems and its acquisition through international student mobilities to selective elite educational institutions. By drawing on recent data collection from the education strategies of a number of London universities I will discuss different conceptions of cosmopolitanism and their implications for international student mobilities and the labour markets of international financial centres (IFCs).

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