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The Good Life Goals: Do They Have Traction in the UK?

Thursday 9th December 2021 (12:30-13:30)
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With Steve Martin, Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham.

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Part of the Environment and Society Seminar Series.


“From gender equality to ending hunger, via climate action, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have got it all. The world’s governments, civil society, stakeholders, and business did a pretty good job of creating a To Do List for humanity.

Except that list is written in a way which excludes the most important change-maker of all – YOU.

Because sustainability won’t be solved by institutions without individuals. Because each of us need to be invited to take part. Because we all have the right, the responsibility, and the opportunity to change the world for the better.

Because ‘people power’ is as important as ‘powerful people’ when it comes to progress.

As the Communication Team at the sustainability charity- Futerra argue-We know the incredible impact millions of folk working together can make. So, a few months ago Futerra hacked the 17 Global Goals into a set of Good Life Goals.” 

Perhaps the most important message from this innovative event was that we need to avoid technical and academic language. And we should couple this with acquiring an understanding of group behaviour - an understanding that any group will include movers, opposers, followers and bystanders. And, as such, these characterisations of group behaviour and dynamics are an important means of understanding the roles we tacitly assume and are an essential element of an effective and healthy ecology of thought which can lead to innovative and inspirational solutions to the implementation of the SDGs.

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