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Planning for urban cultural ecosystem services in socialist and post-socialist Zagreb

Wednesday 28th April 2021 (13:00-14:00)
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With Nevan Tandaric, University of Nottingham.

Cultural ecosystem services (CES) are the ecosystem contributions to human wellbeing in terms of the identities they help frame, the experiences they help enable, and the capabilities they help equip. As such, CES are often the primary motive for why people interact with urban nature. Despite depicting a strong human-nature connection, they have still not been successfully translated into urban planning. Nonetheless, we argue that certain dimensions of CES have been implicitly used in urban planning over the last hundred years.

We explore the implicit and explicit consideration of CES in the urban planning of Zagreb, Croatia. Furthermore, given Zagreb’s rich socio-political history, we investigate how different political regimes (state socialism and post-socialist democracy) affected the planning and management of urban nature and provision of CES. 

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Part of the Environment and Society Seminar Series.

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