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César Rodríguez

PhD Student,


Research Summary

Research topic: Effects of future warming on the ecological functioning of invasive signal crayfish in UK waters.

Both climate change and invasive species are widely acknowledged to be major threats to global biodiversity. However, whereas the individuals impacts that climate change and invasive species have been analyzed, the likely interaction between these threats has been relatively neglected.

My research focuses on Signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus), a crayfish native to North America that has become invasive in water-bodies in the UK and elsewhere. I aim to analyze how water temperature influences the performance of signal crayfish, and by combine this with novel UAV-based approaches to collect water temperature data, suggest how climate change may impact its invasion in the UK.

Research interests: Aquatic Ecology, Thermal Performance, River Temperature, Invasive Species.

Twitter: @C_Rodriguez96

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