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Olumese Efeovbokhan

PhD Student,


Research Summary

Research Topic: Overland flood modeling in densely populated data sparse coastal regions

In many developing coastal mega-cities, lack of urban disaster planning coupled with the large population of inhabitants that reside at such coastal regions, make flood risk modeling an important decision making tool and policy driver. The flood risk that threatens coastal cities is exacerbated by increased precipitation, humidity, sea level rise and saturated soils. Unfortunately, some of these coastal emerging mega-cities in the developing world have a large population exposed to floods. They also lack accurate meteorological and readily available topographical data which pose numerous challenges when attempting to model flood risk. These challenges result in difficulties in simulating the interplay between modeled hydraulics and the dense urban fabric which is aggravated by the lack of an adequate fidelity baseline data to drive flood models in these urban contexts. This research is hinged on utilizing available data for overland flood modeling in a coastal mega-city in a developing world.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Nick Mount

Dr Doreen Boyd

Research Funding Source: Petroleum Technology Development Fund

Research Interests: Hydrological modeling, satellite imagery, unmanned aerial vehicles

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