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Research topic: Flood risk and vulnerability in the Kosi Basin, India

My research revolves around the research question- To what extent do systems-based approach offers a means of better understanding community level flood vulnerability? It involves an in-depth analysis of the vulnerability systems and understanding the need to study coupled human-flood system for gaining a better understanding of this system of systems. The aim is to study the social system along with the physical system of Flood and their complex interactions and feedbacks recognizing the central role of Human in Hydrological and Fluvial Systems, and drawing out the causal relationship from it. It focuses on qualitative research method- Eliciting the community based local knowledge and understanding of the system with the help of stakeholder's participation to apprehend their perspective about the problem situation and building a conceptual system dynamic model based on it using the GoldSim Monte Carlo Simulation Software ( My field area is Kosi Basin, Bihar which is in India and the Kosi River is famous for its distinctive hydrological and sediment transport characteristics and is still remains a challenge to engineers and a lasting solution is still missing for the flood problems being faced by the communities in Bihar.

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