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Stephen Daniels

Professor Emeritus of Cultural Geography,


Research Summary

Leverhulme Major Fellowship 2012-2015:

'Map-work: John Britton and the Topographical Imagination 1790-1850'

'Bringing Landscape to Life: Humphry Repton at Sheringham 1812-2012' AHRC Resarching Environmental Change Grant

'Living Landscape' book arising from AHRC Landscape & Environment programme, with National Trust, co-auhtored Lucy Veale and Ben Cowell

Recent Publications

Past Research

Directorship AHRC Landscape and Environment programme, 2005-

Paul Sandby: Picturing Britain (with John Bonehill) exhibition and catalogue 2009-2010 Castle Museum Nottingham and Royal Academy, London

Future Research

Painters and Place

John Constable and the urban environment

Joseph Wright and Derby

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