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Graduate School Travel Prize

These prestigious prizes support research students to attend national or international conferences to present research, or to make a short visit to another institute to use or consult essential resources.

The Graduate School also operates a  Travel Prize for Research Staff.

The funding round you apply to is determined by your travel dates, please carefully check the funding deadline before you apply. If you apply to the incorrect funding round, your application will be rejected. We recommend that you download the application form and discuss it with your supervisor before you start the application process.

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Applications open

Travel from

Travel to

6 Dec 2018

Thurs 4pm

1 Oct 2018

28 Jan

12 May

7 Mar 2019

Thurs 4pm

7 Dec 2018

29 Apr

11 Aug

6 June 2019

Thurs 4pm

9 Mar 2019

1 Aug

10 Nov

5 Sept 2019

Thurs 4pm

7 June 2019

4 Nov

2 Feb


Quick guide to applying for the Travel Prize

Please do not send anything by email or as hard copy as it will not be accepted. The latest application form, all guidance and information, and the upload for your completed application form and scanned costs document are all in the travel prize Application Portal.

  • Check the funding deadline dates to ensure you apply to the correct funding round.
  • Make sure that you have the latest application form (previous versions of the form will not be accepted).
  • Read the guidance notes for applicants, Terms & Conditions, and discuss your application with your supervisor.
  • Ensure that all sections of the application form (including the supervisor statement of support) have been fully completed. 
  • Upload your completed application form and your separate scanned costs to submit your application - you will be uploading two documents.
  • Please note that incomplete and incorrectly completed applications will not be sent to the assessors for consideration.

Application deadlines and funding

There are four application deadlines each calendar year. See the timetable above to check that you are applying for the correct round of funding.

Funding available:

No more than 50% of the total cost, up to maximum of £300 for a visit in the UK

No more than 50% of the total cost, up to a maximum of £600 for a visit outside the UK

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