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Our postgraduate placements are designed to help you recognise the breadth of your potential and highlight future opportunities.

About our placements

Each placement involves a discrete project at an external organisation for which the postgraduate researcher acts as a specialist consultant. The placements are delivered in partnership with a wide range of employers from small local businesses to multinational organisations. 

We generally offer two types of placement:

  • part-time projects, up to 200 hours, for a period of 3-6 months.
  • full-time 3 month internships.

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Current Vacancies

  • A literature review into approximation methods from elastic finite element simulations
    Application closing date: 17 Jul 2022
    Location: Remote/Derby East Midlands United Kingdom
    This placement will be working for a pioneer in cutting-edge technology, that powers the UK's nuclear underwater defences. You will have an Engineering or Science focus and will be completing a literature review alongside our internal researchers, supporting the longevity of the in-service components for the nuclear Ministry of Défense sector.
  • Machine Learning Optimisation Project - Colour Sensors
    Application closing date: 31 Jul 2022
    Location: Chilwell East Midlands United Kingdom
    We are experts in colour sensing technology for textiles and fashion brands ensuring that production processes around the world are consistent and meet strict quality guidelines. We are looking to enhance the technology within our colorimeters and want to work with a Postgraduate Researcher to set up a range of experiments to design and develop alogrithms and machine learning to enable the accurate measurement of the colour physics.
  • The good, the bad and the scam: a look into carbon market and offsetting strategies
    Application closing date: 17 Jul 2022
    Location: Remote Working East Midlands United Kingdom
    We work at the cutting-edge of scientific research to employ creative and disruptive techniques to challenge the status-quo of how biodiversity is managed in practice. We are looking for a postgraduate with an interest in the carbon market and skills in specialised literature research, to support us on a project that we can use the evidence from to effect change and work towards tangible benefits for biodiversity.
  • Nanoparticles Research Project - Optimisation of particle size
    Application closing date: 17 Jul 2022
    Location: Nottingham East Midlands United Kingdom
    We are leading the technical solutions in the development of new beer formulations and brewery expertise. This exciting research project is focussing on nanoparticles and silica-based formulations to investigate optimal particle size in silica-based finings, whilst strictly containing particle sizes >100nm. Combining qualitative research with experimentation this placement is ideal for a researcher with an interest in brewing and nanoparticles and will help drive innovation and Vegan beer
  • Website Development Project
    Application closing date: 17 Jul 2022
    Location: Remote Working East Midlands United Kingdom
    Working closely with the Managing Director this placement is ideally suited to a postgraduate with an IT focus who has skills in website building and an interest in graphic design and process improvement. You will be supporting a well established furniture manufacturer and supplier to commercial sectors in developing their website improving the overall customer experience and their online growth.
  • Market Research Analyst
    Application closing date: 17 Jul 2022
    Location: Remote/Derby East Midlands United Kingdom
    We are looking for a market researcher and data analyst to identify the potential for Peak NDT’s technology in the inspection of composites in production. You will be a postgraduate with a marketing background and an interest in technology and innovation looking to gain experience with a dynamic, growing high end technology business with a particular expertise in ultrasonics.
  • Anti Money Laundering Process Efficiency Review
    Application closing date: 10 Jul 2022
    Location: Remote/ Whatton East Midlands United Kingdom
    We are looking for a postgraduate to research and advise of digital alternatives for our Anti Money Laundering Process. We are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors, specialising in providing services to internationally mobile businesses and individuals inbound into the UK. Your research and improvement review will allow us to be more efficient with our clients and drive forward productivity.
  • Bioethanol Distillation Plant - Concept Design
    Application closing date: 10 Jul 2022
    Location: Nottingham East Midlands United Kingdom
    We have developed innovative technology for producing energy from waste, this could have incredible implications for the renewable energy sector and the waste industry as a whole. We are looking to work with a talented engineer or distillation postgraduate to work with us to help us get to a completed proof of concept. This exciting challenge will include developing designs for the distillation columns, designing and conducting experiments to give us the optimal solutions.


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