The Researcher Academy promotes and cultivates researcher excellence, acting as a catalyst for ground-breaking achievement by connecting researchers with high-quality training and development opportunities.

Fuelling research ambition 


The Researcher Academy Training and Development programme connects researchers with the skills they need to take their specialism to the world.

Training and development 

Researchers have diverse circumstances and we aim to make our training accessible to all through the strategic and considered use of a wide variety of delivery methods including online courses, webinars, social media platforms, and writing retreats. This extensive portfolio of specialist training is mapped against national frameworks to ensure that it is beneficial to enhancing the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of successful researchers. 

In addition to skills-focused professional development we offer online professional conduct training to help researchers develop an awareness of their professional responsibilities so that they can conduct their research ethically and with confidence. This provision includes online training in how to design and execute research projects whilst maintaining high standards of integrity; courses that focus on the wider societal responsibilities of those conducting university research; very popular one day conference; and advise on how to secure ethical approval for proposed research projects.

Our specialist training and development staff also contribute to faculty-based discipline specific training programmes that augment the central programme of training and the training provided by individual doctoral cohort programmes.  These faculty specific training programmes focus on both the professional needs, and the research methods and tools utilised by researchers in each disciplinary area.

Research Integrity

The Researcher Academy has been a key stakeholder in developing University of Nottingham researchers in their professional commitment to conduct all research according to the appropriate legal, ethical and professional frameworks, obligations and standards.
Since 2018, The University Research Ethics Committee requires that all new doctoral students receive training in Research Integrity. The Researcher Academy continues to offers training to support Schools and Researchers in meeting this requirement and is currently developing tailored courses for specific research disciplines.

Stronger support for Supervisors 


The needs of Research Supervisors and Postgraduate Researchers are different but fundamentally connected. The Researcher Academy network is working on various projects to bring these two groups together to recognise and celebrate best practice, to ensure clarity of expectations for supervisors and supervisees, to develop opportunities for professional development for Supervisors, and to standardise training requirements for lead and co-supervisors.  

The Researcher Academy also supports Supervisors and researchers funded from UKRI sources and manages the studentship funding from these. During the 2020/21 academic year the Researcher Academy will continue to deliver its popular ‘Research Supervisor Seminar series’ as well as offering a range of seminars, online training opportunities and workshops.

Developing future research leaders 

The Researcher Academy performs a talent management role in the university's researcher development strategy, offering two application and selection based leadership excellence programmes targeted by career stage to have maximum benefit.

The Nottingham Research Leaders Programme is designed to enhance the professional development of our high-performing researchers. We are committed to developing highly skilled, engaged, collaborative and committed people. By doing this we will strengthen our networks of outstanding people who pursue excellent research, set local, national and international research agendas, contribute to the sustainability of our collective research culture and goals, who are visible role models, and who drive and enhance our wider research interests and achievements. Participation in the Nottingham Research Leaders Programme is a mark of esteem, and participants are likely to be approached to contribute to School, Faculty and University activities following Programme completion.  

The Early Career Researchers Programme is designed for researchers in the early stages of their research career who have aspirations and potential to lead in their research field and to be an effective team leader. This bespoke Leadership Development opportunity is currently under review and is expected to be re-launched in Summer 2021.


Rewarding, real-world placements


Researcher Academy placements match researcher skills to cutting edge projects to help researchers recognise the breadth of their potential and highlight future opportunities. Each placement involves a discreet project at an external organisation for which the postgraduate researcher acts a specialist consultant. This means that our placements alumni don’t just get to list some new skills on their curriculum vitae but are able to demonstrate real world experience of delivering a complete business project.

Designed around the unique needs of the postgraduate researcher; our placements are paid opportunities, are based around flexible hours of work, and are delivered in partnership with wide range of employers from small local businesses to multinational organisations. When a researcher completes one of our placements, it’s just the beginning. A study has shown that Researcher Academy placements alumni generally achieve better degree outcomes, are more employable and command higher salaries than their peers.

Showcasing researcher talent


Could you describe your research engagingly in just three minutes? This is the question that the Three Minute Thesis 3MT® competition sets for postgraduate researchers. An academic research communication competition originally developed by The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia, 3MT® challenges doctoral researchers to explain the complexity and relevance of their research to a non-specialist audience in a concise and engaging way. 

The Researcher Academy offers support to University of Nottingham 3MT® entrants including pre-application presentation training, and video and filming support for winners who are progressing to entry in external 3MT® competitions. Thanks to these activities University of Nottingham entrants have had repeated successes in 3MT® competitions both nationally and internally. Most recently, Chidinma Raymond, was shortlisted to present her research at the 2019 Vitae Conference and took the People's Choice Award in the Global U21 3MT Competition.  


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