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Why PPN Placements are different 

Postgraduate Placements Nottingham (PPN) offers placements and internships that are designed to be mutually beneficial to students and their employers, and we provide guidance and support to both parties throughout the duration of a project.  

Placement students develop valuable transferable skills that enhance their employability prospects while employers have access to talented individuals who bring a fresh approach to their businesses. 

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Information for Employers 

Why offer a placement through us?

By offering long or short term placement opportunities through us you could benefit from the specialised expertise our talented postgraduates can bring to work-based projects covering a range of disciplinary backgrounds. These might be anything from a scientific research project that needs specialist resources and expertise, to developing a marketing strategy for your business.

Our success in securing a £165k project... was directly influenced by the work of the postgraduate students.



Information for Students 

Why apply for a PPN Placement?

Having appropriate qualifications is important, but employers are also looking for other key competencies such as proactivity, communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

Placements and internships are a great way to build these skills, improve your CV and enhance your employability. Our placements are set-up to be flexible and fit in with your studies.  

I was able to earn money through doing something that I enjoy, and wanted to explore further as a career possibility.

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