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Understanding ADHD

Understanding ADHD

3. ADHD epidemiology

The population prevalence of ADHD is 3-5% in children and research studies suggest that approximately 60% will continue experiencing full symptoms of the disorder into adulthood. Recent such research evidence has shown that 1.2% of children with ADHD and 0.9% of adults access care for ADHD. This suggests that the disorder is under diagnosed in the UK.

ADHD affects both boys and girls. In childhood, at least four times more boys than girls receive a diagnosis of ADHD. However, by adulthood, this evens out to a one to one ratio. The most common explanation for this reflects the influence that gender has on the presentation of symptoms - with girls more likely to be inattentive, not being as disruptive in the classroom but also not listening or learning.

In the UK, there will be on average at least one child with ADHD in every class
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