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7. Classroom summary

Select the highlighted objects around the classroom to recap what you have learned about how cognitive difficulties might affect children’s learning.

- Children born preterm are more likely to have working memory difficulties than children born at term. This might mean they find it hard to follow lengthy instructions given by the teachers.

- Preterm children may have difficulties with visuospatial awareness and could find it difficult to tell the time from an analogue clock.

- Copying accurately from the whiteboard could be challenging for a child born preterm who has hand-eye coordination difficulties.

- Using equipment such as rulers, measuring jugs, and scales might be difficult for a preterm child with visuospatial awareness difficulties.

- Children born preterm may struggle with completing challenging exercises due to lower IQ.

- Children born preterm are at risk of having processing speed difficulties. This might mean they take longer to complete the work they are set in lessons.

- Children born preterm are more likely than their peers born at term to struggle with handwriting. This might be due to a combination of poor hand-eye coordination and fine motor control difficulties.