Levels of cognitive loss (mild, moderate and severe)

Cognitive impairments

Overall, the cognitive impairments seen in people with dementia can be classified as mild to severe. Click on each of the jigsaw pieces for an explanation of each. People with dementia will progress through these stages differently and the stages may overlap.

Mild Cognitive Impairment:
Mild impairment may lead to difficulties in activities of daily living, but not to a degree that makes the person dependent on others. However, they may not be able to cope with complicated tasks.

Moderate Cognitive Impairment:
A person with moderate impairment will be unable to perform activities of daily living without the assistance of another. Only simple chores can be performed. Activities are restricted and poorly sustained.

Severe Cognitive Impairment:
Severe cognitive impairment is associated with an absence, or virtual absence, of intelligible ideas and complete dependence on others.

Levels of cognitive loss (mild, moderate and severe)

Dementia and cognitive loss Mild Cognitive Function Moderate Cognitive Function Severe Cognitive Function