Ideal Ward Round

4. Emma’s Agenda – activity

It's important to ensure that the agenda is not too cluttered and that things to be discussed can be covered in the time available. There may be far more potential items on an agenda than time allows. Try the following activity to formulate an agenda for Emma's ward round.

Select the 'Set agenda' button to create an agenda for Emma. Drag and drop all items as they appear onto either of clipboards below? Keep an eye on the clock as your agenda should total 20 minutes or less. You may need to move items around to formulate the best agenda for Emma. A button to view an example agenda for Emma will appear, once you have placed all available items on both clipboards.

Inside ward roundclock_imageTime:

    which is more than the permitted 20 minutes for an Ideal Ward round meeting. Remove some agenda items.

    Outside ward round

      • Discharge planning (aftercare, assessment etc): 4min

      • Carer views on patient admission/discharge: 3min

      • Update of week: 5min

      • Physical health needs of patient: 2min

      • Social activites for patient: 1min

      • Introductions: 30 sec

      • Review/confirm S17 leave: 2min 30sec

      • OT Feedback: 1min 30sec

      • Medication concordance and review 3min 30sec

      • Alternative medication: 5min

      • Pharmacist feedback: 1min

      • Review patient's experiences since last ward round: 3 mins

      • How are you feeling? 2min

      • Patient questions: 2min

      • Smoking cessation: 1min

      • Review of care plan: 3min

      • Advance statement: 2min

      • Plan for agreed follow up: 2min

      If you have added all agenda items.