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Shared Decision MakingShared Decision Making is a broad and detailed topic to find out more please access our Shared Decision Making learning resource which has been developed in conjunction with this learning tool.

Learning outcomes

By completing this resource you will be able to:

  • Identify the 12 recommendations that were developed from The Ideal Ward Round research project
  • Apply the 12 recommendations to the preparation, delivery and follow-up of a ward round within a mental health care environment.

Content Authors: Ideal Ward Round Group

The Ideal Ward Round Group is a co-production group and was formed in August 2014. The membership of the group consists of service users, carers, Involvement Team staff, advocacy services, the University of Nottingham, clinical psychologists, nurses, OTs, consultants, peer support workers and other Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust staff not included in these groupings. The Ideal Ward Round project has been approached with constant checking on whether the process is truly co-produced and collaborative and the RLO was developed in the same way, with the same values and ethos. If you would like to know more about the process please email:

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