Ideal Ward Round

5. Applying guidelines relating to purpose and agenda

The guidelines we've created will help with the process of formulating a balanced and effective purpose and agenda for a ward round meeting.

The parts of the guidelines that particularly relate to the last activity are shown here.

Select each guideline title for a more detailed description of how it applies.
Number1 graphic A clearly defined and communicated purpose of the ward round.

A clearly defined and communicated purpose of the ward round relative to the overall in-patient experience, setting out the scope and limitations of the ward round: what it is for and what it is not for.
Number2 graphic Effectively ‘declutter’ the ward round.

A scoping exercise to effectively ‘declutter’ the ward round from being the function to discuss / resolve too many, significant or complex issues / matters and to recommend how issues such as treatment, s.17 leave, discharge planning may be resolved outside the ward round.
Number5 graphic An agreed ‘agenda’ for ward round that all parties input into.

A model where each ward round has an agreed ‘agenda’ that all parties input into and is circulated in good time to allow for preparation and follow up.
Number8 graphic Guidance on the appropriate length/duration for ward round.

Guidance on the appropriate length / duration of the ward round that is reasonable and proportionate to its aims, the involvement of relevant parties and relevant staffing resources. Guidance on the consequent appointment planning systems that can be used to improve experience of patients, carers and professionals. When delays occur the patient and carer being informed in an appropriate manner.