Finding my new normal: Life after my child's cancer treatment has finished

2. Introduction - End of treatment

Your child has finished treatment for cancer. What happens now? Parents and carers look forward to this date from their child’s cancer diagnosis although some parents and carers are worried about ending treatment.

However, the end of their child’s treatment can also be a time of change and expose parents and carers to new emotions, feelings and experiences1.

We want to provide parents and carers with information and support during this time. Specifically, we will:

  • Enable parents and carers to reflect on how they are feeling
  • Confirm that they are not alone in feeling like this
  • Offer some strategies and information that might be useful in helping support their emotional health and wellbeing

This resource will enable you to recognise the feelings families may experience and the support available for them.

Finding my new normal: Life after my child’s cancer treatment has finished