Finding my new normal: Life after my child's cancer treatment has finished

4. How am I feeling?

During this time, you may feel lots of different emotions.

Take five minutes to reflect on your feelings about your child’s treatment ending. It might be helpful to write these down.

It is normal to feel a whole range of emotions. Some of them will be difficult, but if any become particularly overwhelming or start influencing your day-to-day life it might be worth speaking to someone. If you are unsure about how you are feeling and if you need support you can complete a self-assessment of mood and well-being on the NHS website. You can also get advice on what might help.

(You will find a link to this NHS tool within the "Resources" section of this reusable learning object)

  1. Happiness
  2. Joy
  3. Freedom
  4. Relief
  5. Fear
  6. Loneliness
  7. Overwhelmed
  8. Confused
  9. Fatigued
  10. Excited
  11. Hopeful
  12. Shocked
  13. Loss
  14. Depressed
  15. Anxious
  16. Shame
  17. Grief
  18. Uncertain
  19. Guilty
  20. “Memories flood back”
  21. Adjusting
  22. Questioning how I feel

Here are some of the reasons mentioned by other parents: