Finding my new normal: Life after my child's cancer treatment has finished

6. What can help parents and carers after their child ends cancer treatment?

Click on the following video clips to explore some strategies that other parents and carers felt were useful when their child ended treatment.

Did you find it useful talking to other families that have been through similar situations to you?
Were there any services that were offered to you that you accessed after treatment?
What kind of coping strategies did you find useful after your child finished treatment?
Are there any suggestions that you feel would be helpful for families that are in the same situation that you were in, with your child, at the end of treatment?
At the time, was there family support that you had and friends that were around to help you as well?

Whilst we have gathered the views and experiences of a range of parents of children that have survived cancer, we recognise that this may not reflect how you think and feel about things. Some parents and carers may have heightened or more extreme cases of low mood, worries, and stress etc. In these circumstances we would really encourage you to seek professional help from your General Practitioner or other registered health professional to ensure you get the right level of support.