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Getting Infection Right First Time Continued

Getting Infection Right First Time

6. 48 Hours Later…

Florence has moved to a different ward, and is reviewed by a different team of doctors on ward round.



Okay Florence how are you feeling today?


I feel awful Doctor, I feel nauseous all the time, I'm being sick all the time, I really feel dreadful.


Oh dear, I'm really sorry to hear that, we'll find out what's going on. What are her Obs today?

Junior doctor 1:

NEWS2 is zero and bloods are normal.


It's those pills you gave me, I was alright until I had those.


Ok well we'll have a word with the Pharmacist and see if we can get something else for you instead.


Well, looking at the admission notes, I can't see that she had any urinary symptoms - Florence, did you have any burning or stinging when passing water?


No, nothing like that


Not been passing urine more frequently, or rushing to go to the loo?


No, the waterworks have been fine.

Junior doctor 2:

She did have dark smelly urine on admission…


Okay, and she was on the floor for quite a long time and she was very dehydrated when she was brought in.

Junior doctor 2:

Dipstick was positive… and it looks like we've grown E. coli from the urine sample.

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