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Getting Infection Right First Time

Getting Infection Right First Time

9. Summary

In summary, when considering antibiotic prescriptions:

  • Think - do we need to start antibiotics?
  • Does the patient have an infection?
  • What is the likely source? (CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS)
  • What are the likely causative microorganisms? (MICROBIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS)
  • Document signs and symptoms
  • Document indication for antibiotics
  • Prescribe antibiotics in line with antimicrobial guidelines
  • Ensure appropriate specimens are obtained for cultures / sensitivities in line with relevant antibiotic guidelines
  • Document review / stop date for antibiotics
  • Review diagnosis if not responding to treatment

We hope you enjoyed this e-learning package and have met the learning objectives:

  • Appreciate your role in the diagnosis and management of infection
  • Understand how this process contributes to keeping antibiotics effective now, and for the future

Florence leaving the ward with her daughter

Two days later, Florence is feeling much better and the medical team are happy for her to be discharged home.

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