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Students hands seen making notes during a handover

OVER2U - An introduction to handover in patient care

Handover is an essential element of patient care in a range of healthcare settings. It’s aim is to ensure the effective transfer and sharing of information across multidisciplinary teams. As a student nurse you’ll be involved in handover from the outset of your practice.

This resource has been created by fellow students who’ve also already been through this experience and so understand some of the questions you may have. Their aim is to introduce you to the concept of handover, give you a chance to see it in action, hear from other students about their experiences in this area and look at some simple guidelines for carrying out best practice.

Author: Rachel Dakin.

Project developers: Simon Riley, Richard Windle, Julia Carson Little, Mike Taylor, Verity Wilson, Gill Langmack, Amy Robinson, Megan Kearney.

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