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CoVE Package: COVID-19 Vaccine Education
The importance of the COVID-19 vaccine for individual and societal health

7. COVID-19 Personal Stories

COVID-19 Survivor who spent 96 days in Intensive Care

COVID-19 can have serious consequences for some. Steve is a COVID-19 Survivor from Wales, who spent 96 days in Intensive Care and feared for his life. After leaving intensive care he needed intensive rehabilitation and his life will never be the same. Steve and his physiotherapist share an emotional story.

What is it like living with Long COVID?

For many, the symptoms of Covid-19 are mild and don't require hospital treatment. But some people are still suffering the effects of COVID-19 months after contracting the virus. Jade, aged 32, from England, tells us about her struggles with long-COVID, her ongoing symptoms and the impact this has had on her life, work and the way she feels.

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