The HOP-ON Study
helping our premature infants on to better motor skills


Hop-on logoThe HOP-ON study (Helping Our Premature infants ON to better motor skills) will develop and evaluate an educational programme that parents can use to show them how to help their premature infants learn movement (motor) skills from an early age.

On our website you can find out more about the study and follow our latest progress.

We are sponsored by the University of Nottingham and supported by generous grants from Action Medical Research and The Henry Smith Charity.


General Enquiries

Please contact the principal investigator, Cris Glazebrook (tel  0115 8230420).

Study Progress 

We have now started our 12 month corrected age follow-ups.

At 12 months corrected age, we visit each premature infant at their home to assess their movement skills and development. It is hoped that this will help us find out whether the HOP-ON intervention leads to better movement skills.

You can find out how many 12 month follow-ups we have completed so far by taking a look at our progress graph below.

HOP-ON follow-up progress graph     

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HOP-ON Study

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