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Our Forced Migration Unit undertakes research, teaching, consultation and engagement activities, focusing on international protection and state responses to forced migration.

The Forced Migration Unit conducts interdisciplinary research, adopting a human rights approach to contemporary migration issues. The Unit works with academics, governments, practitioners and civil society to understand forced migration and propose solutions that promote and protect the human rights of forced migrants.

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Unit Head

The unit is led by Dr Natalie Hodgson, Assistant Professor in the School of Law, who researches state responses to asylum seekers and border harms. 

Unit members

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Crimes Against Migrants and International Criminal Law

Exploring the use of international criminal law to challenge state responses to asylum and immigration.

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Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers

Examining the legality of offshore detention under international law and explores how civil society oppose, challenge, and resist policies of offshore processing.

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Mexican Revolutionary Diplomacy: International Law and Spanish Exile

Combining the personal history of Spanish Republican exiles with international law.

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Streamlined Asylum Processing

This Project explores the strengths and limitations of the UK’s streamlined asylum process and examines recent reforms.

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HRLC Refugee Clinic

The Refugee Clinic works remotely with Across Borders and Saint Andrews Refugee Services (StARS) on Refugee Status Determination applications.

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Refugee Week

Each June, to celebrate Refugee Week, the Forced Migration Unit produces a range resources on policy issues and debates relating to asylum seekers in the UK.


Publications, news and events

As one of the six research units within the HRLC, you can find all our unit publications, news and events on the publications, news and events pages.


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