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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of education is the course? Is it a postgraduate certificate or diploma?

The course is taught at postgraduate level. However, it is a non-credit bearing, continuing professional development course, not a postgraduate certificate or diploma. We issue a certificate of completion, not a degree. If you are interested in a degree course, the School of Law offers an LLM in Human Rights Law.

Can the course be done entirely online?

Yes, the course can be done entirely online.

How is each module assessed? For example, does each module require an essay to be completed?

Each module is composed by eight units. At the end of each unit there is an online quiz and a series of questions. Answers to these questions should be uploaded in a word document (max 10 pages) onto Moodle, the online learning platform. Feedback will then be provided by the module convenor, also via Moodle.

Is the course a pass or fail programme?

No. As a non-credit bearing course, responses are not graded or formally assessed, however, students will receive detailed feedback on their work.

How much time is needed to complete each unit? Is the course self-paced? How quickly can students usually complete four modules?

The course is entirely self-paced. Each unit is to be completed in one week, with an estimated 8-10 hours of individual work required – this will vary for each individual, depending on the level of engagement with materials, reading pace, etc. One module therefore should take 8 weeks, four modules 32 weeks.

Enrolment is valid for one year, to allow for breaks between modules and university closure periods. Nothing prevents you from completing two units in one week, however, we advise against submitting too many responses at once, as this would prevent you from benefiting from feedback you will receive.

Are there specific times I would be expected to be online with other students?


Do I need to pay for the whole course upfront?

You can pay for the full course (four modules - £1400) or you can enrol for one module at a time (one module - £400). 



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