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How your support this year is making the extraordinary possible 

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Researchers excitedly gather around microscopes and students flood out of exams as cheers erupt from the sports centre – your support is making the incredible happen, every day. 

We offer a huge thank you to all our donors and volunteers for your support this year. 


Generous support like yours is progressing life-changing research

In March, the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre was established, bringing together a team of over 38 multi-disciplinary breast cancer researchers and clinicians under the directorship of Professor Stewart Martin.

Professor Stewart Martin said, “We have been humbled by the level of support from the local community – patients, their families and friends, and other local supporters have gone to extraordinary lengths, running various fundraising events, to support NBCRC.”

“Our focus is now to make the next big breakthrough. The support we’ve received this year will get us there faster.”

Your support over the last year for our Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre is creating a brighter future for children with brain tumours. Your donations have been the catalyst to fund research into speeding up tumour diagnosis, unlocking the complexities of brain tumours and accelerating progress in drug delivery.

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From bake sales and dance shows to half marathons and kick-a-thons, this year, over 400 people have given up their time to help raise over £185,148 for our life-changing research.

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Helping children with brain tumours beat the odds

How your support for the CBTRC is helping one PhD student research a particularly devastating form of cancer.

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Unlocking the potential of Nottingham students

Thanks to donations to our scholarship programme this year, 174 talented students from all backgrounds were able to say yes to their University place.

Your support for scholarships means bright and determined students can achieve more than they ever thought possible. In July, we welcomed over 50 alumni to our Summer Schools - inspiring future Nottingham students with their career advice.

Thanks to the support of generous supporters like David Ross for University sport, this year we were proud to be awarded the Times and Sunday Times University of the Year Award for Sport. From sports facilities to coaching and sport scholarships, your support made it possible.

This year, 27 student projects have been made possible thanks to support for Cascade, our student project fund. From saving lives to tackling food poverty, your support for Cascade is helping students boost their skills and employability by getting involved in volunteer community projects in the UK and around the world.

Sam DeucharStudent–run social supermarket takes on food poverty and waste in Nottingham

Foodprint is filling the gap between supermarkets and food banks whilst simultaneously tackling food waste.

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Community First RespondersHow your support for Cascade is helping students save lives

Medical student Rachel explains how donations are helping to support Community First Responders.

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A big year for volunteering

      From mentoring student businesses and delivering student talks, to hosting events worldwide and welcoming our international students to Nottingham – the breadth of voluntary activities our community is undertaking is staggering and inspiring.
  • 810 voluntary activities undertaken by our volunteers this year
  • Over 200 international students were paired with local volunteers in Nottingham, helping students transition to life in the UK
  • 99 students and recent alumni benefited from the expertise and experience of our volunteer career mentors
  • Over 150 students gained career insight from our volunteers working in Formula 1

Volunteer awards

We presented over 40 inspirational people with our 2018 Volunteer Awards for their outstanding contributions to the University and beyond.



Thank you once again for your support this year.




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