Cascade: Student-led projects

You can help our students to excel out of the classroom

Nottingham students have brilliant ideas to help communities at home and around the world. You can be the catalyst that makes their fledging projects a reality through our Cascade grants programme.

From treating the pets of local homeless people to bringing clean water to communities in Borneo, your support can help our students gain valuable skills outside the classroom.

Make a donation and help Nottingham students change lives in worlds beyond their own.

Help students change lives


Thanks to support for Cascade, students installed 17 hand wash stations and 1 toilet in Bambui, Camroon, while providing educational sessions to help tackle poor sanitation and hygiene in the area.


How your support can change lives

Nottingham students can apply to Cascade for a grant to deliver projects that develop their skills and benefit local and international communities. 

Projects typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Volunteering or outreach work benefiting local or global communities
  • Enabling Students’ Union societies to provide life-changing experiences for Nottingham students
  • Allowing students to undertake work which adds significant value to their academic experience

Through Cascade, Nottingham students develop their skills, social awareness and employability while making a significant impact on communities at home and around the world.


Vets In The Community

Thanks to support from Cascade, veterinary students are able to help pets belonging to homeless and vulnerably housed people in the Nottingham area. The clinic is student led, under the supervision of qualified staff, and gives students the opportunity to develop skills in a real life practice scenario.


Thanks to Cascade funding, a group of architecture students have designed and built a new nursery for the community of Lephepane, South Africa.

“I decided to study architecture because I believe the built environment can make a real difference to people’s lives. Seeing the project through from beginning to end has been so rewarding - meeting the children is a memory that will stay with me for a long time.

“Thank you to everyone who supported our project. Your gifts will not only help the school children of Lephapane now, but future generations of children will grow up in the school you’ve helped us to build. This project is just the beginning for them.”

Rachel Levy, second year architecture student

Project Myemyela

How you can help

Your belief and backing gives Nottingham students the chance to use their skills to tackle issues affecting commmunities in need. 

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