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A child from a low-income background is less likely to achieve good GCSE grades, attend university and enjoy a rewarding career than a child from a more advantaged background.

We think that needs to change.

That’s why we’ve developed the Nottingham Potential programme, which aims to nurture learning and encourage engagement with education. Nottingham Potential offers a range of experiences to help prepare young people for higher education. By working with local communities, schools and families we are giving young people with the greatest need the best chance to succeed. 

Talent needs a catalyst. Donate today and you can help students from all backgrounds say yes to their university dream.

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What are we doing?

With a pool of talented young people not joining the pathway to higher education, it is more important than ever to intrigue, inspire and encourage children and young people from less advantaged backgrounds to think about their future. 

Here’s what we're doing to make that happen:

  • Delivering a primary schools' programme in partnership with local schools to engage children with exciting new topics and introduce the concept of university
  • Running campus visits and in-school sessions to help ensure that all local secondary school students understand that higher education could be an option for them
  • Running masterclasses and week-long summer schools to enable talented students to get an insight into a leading university. 
  • Providing tailored application support, mentoring and revision classes to help talented students progress to the University of Nottingham and other leading universities.


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Amy's story

"If I hadn’t had a week at summer school to prove to myself that I was good enough I don’t know if I’d have had the confidence to really go for it. I knew that university would open doors for me that were closed to my parents and Nottingham Potential made me realise that I could do it, that I had to push myself if I was going to be the first in my family to come to university."










How you can help

You can help inspire and encourage children and young people from disavantaged backgrounds to think about their future.

£30 will pay for one student to attend a three hour Biosciences masterclass, visit the University's farm and conduct and experiment in the food science lab.

£430 will allow a primary school class to discover science on campus for a day

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