Your support has made the extraordinary possible this year - thank you!

From innovative new research projects getting underway to talented students starting their University journey, your support has made it happen this year. 

We offer a huge thank you to all our donors, fundraisers and volunteers for your support this year. Discover how your support has made a difference below.


Generous support like yours is progressing life-changing research

Since we launched the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre (NBCRC) last March, we have remained focussed on our core research areas – stopping the spread, treating it right and detecting it early. Thanks to your support, we were delighted to make three £10,000 pilot research grants available to our breast cancer researchers.

Discover more about one of these new projects from Deputy Director of the NBCRC, Dr Andy Green.



This November, 36 daredevils took on our 15ft of hot coals at our first ever Firewalk. Together they raised an incredible £7,000 for the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre - thank you!


This year, your generous support for our Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) has helped improve the understanding, treatment and outcomes of children and young adults who develop brain tumours.

Medulloblastoma is the most common aggressive childhood brain tumour and accounts for a quarter of all brain tumours. Thanks to your support, Dr Beth Coyle and her team are developing new model systems that mimic human tumour behaviour in order to investigate what causes tumour spread. Their research focuses on discovering more about medulloblastoma cells and how they behave, in order for further studies by the scientific community to develop new treatments and therapies. 

You can read Poppy’s story below to hear how her participation in a clinical trial at CBTRC, aimed at improving the outcomes of Medulloblastoma, has transformed her future.


How we're thinking differently about treating children's brain tumours

Five-year-old Poppy McGill is on the road to recovery from a brain tumour thanks to a CBTRC clinical trial.

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Unlocking the potential of Nottingham students

Thanks to donations to our Nottingham Potential scholarship programme, 218 talented students from all backgrounds were able to say yes to their University place this year. Your support for scholarships means bright and determined students can achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

A scholarship is often so much more than just financial support. For many of our students who receive a scholarship it's a vote of confidence, peace of mind and an opportunity to get more out of their university experience.

Thanks to your support for Cascade, students are improving lives and making a significant impact on communities locally and globally. From saving lives in Nottingham to volunteering in Africa, your support for Cascade is helping students improve their skills and employability by getting involved in volunteer community projects in the UK and around the world.

Helen Community First Responders

You are helping students to save lives

It's a Friday night in Nottingham. The city is alive with partygoers. Two students, Helen and Adam, are parked up by Forest Rec when the call comes in.

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Cameroon biogas

Pay it forward - how your support goes further

Thanks to the support of a Cascade grant in 2016, mechanical engineering student Rene set off on a trip to Ghana that would change his perspective on life.

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A big year for volunteering

From partnering with students through social impact projects designed to make a real change to society, to supporting disability sports initiatives, dementia sufferers and student mental health – the breadth of voluntary activities our community is undertaking is staggering and inspiring.

  • 800 alumni and community volunteers gave their time to 60 student experience and research projects over the past year
  • Through careers talks and mentoring, over 1,100 students were able to benefit from the expertise of our alumni volunteers helping them to shape their future
  • Alumni volunteers took the lead on a variety of pioneering projects, including raising awareness of the issues facing women entering STEM careers, and as inspiring speakers addressing the challenges facing Black, Asian and minority ethnic students, staff and alumni
  • Volunteers continue to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our students through sports projects, such as the Men's Health Active campaign


Volunteer award winners 2019

We celebrated the impact of our volunteers at our annual Volunteer Awards in October this year. Discover the inspiring individuals who were recognised in this year's awards.



Thank you once again for your support this year.




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