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New paper from Dr Murray Goulden in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on domestic data management

The ‘Cardboard Box’ study explored with participants the salience of collaborative smart home data management. The study makes it perspicuous that privacy is not a ubiquitous concern within the home as a great deal of data is shared by default of people living together; that when privacy is occasioned it performs a distinct social function that is concerned with human security and the safety and integrity of people rather than devices and data; and that current ‘interdependent privacy’ solutions that seek to support collaborative data management are not well aligned with the ways access control is negotiated and managed within the home.

Kilic, D., Crabtree, A., McGarry, G., Goulden, M. (2021). The cardboard box study: understanding collaborative data management in the connected home. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

Posted on Tuesday 30th November 2021

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