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Campus Solutions status update

This page highlights common Campus Solutions issues that we are currently resolving. 

If the Campus Solutions issue you are experiencing is not listed below, please inform us of a new issue

Student enrolment and registrations

Start-of-term issues with student enrolment and registration, including the latest numbers of students that are affected are given below. We are proactively working to resolve these issues as a priority.

Summary of outstanding enrolments and registrations
 Registration/enrolement issueNo. of students affected - 13 Oct 2020No. of students affected - 18 Nov 2020
Students have been invited to complete online registration but some students have not completed the registration process. You will not be able to view these students in the Academic Workcentre until they have completed registration.



Some students have not been assigned registration due to an error in the system. ​



Students cannot complete registration as they require clearance, have not submitted required documentation etc. 


Students with visa-related issues that prevent them from completing registration


Students that are not correctly mapped to their curriculum (affects some mobility students, returning students, former CELE students, foundation students etc.) 2,630 839
Students with module enrolment issues 1,056 699

Reporting issues

Please follow these guidelines for reporting other issues:

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