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Campus Solutions status update

The list of common Campus Solutions issues being experienced by some colleagues are given below. Click on the relevant issue to see the full details and current status. This page will be updated with the latest information as the issues are resolved. 

If the issue you are experiencing is not listed below, please inform us of a new issue

You can view user guides and frequently asked questions, on the Campus Solutions page

Latest updates:

  • The DBS and Occupational Health check information issue has an earlier resolution date, now expected for the end of November. 
  • The majority of student timetable, class list and Moodle/Rogo access issues have now been resolved
  • Staff and students can now view adjustment information (accomodations) in Campus Solutions 


Accessing and using Campus Solutions

Cannot access Campus Solutions or cannot view data and reports 

Please complete the relevant form so we can set up the required access for you: 

Request access to Campus Solutions if you do not currently have access

Request a different access level for Campus Solutions 


Delays experienced when logging into Campus Solutions or performance is slow 

Expected to be resolved by the end of November 

Each time the Academic Workcentre is accessed it triggers a query which generates the list of students associated with the individual academic.  This places a significant demand on the system which can result in poor performance.

Additional infrastructure was added at the start of term to lessen the load on the Academic Workcentre. The logon process is currently being redesigned and rebuilt to address this issue and will include a health check by Oracle. 

5 open cases, 44 closed cases


Screen size is very small or disproportionate


We are working with our supplier to identify when this issue will be fixed. In the meantime, use the incognito mode in your browser to vew the screen correctly.

To use incognito mode in Chrome: 

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + n on your keyboard
2. Copy and paste this link into Chrome:


Viewing student records

Student record data is incorrect or inconsistent for some mobility students, returning students, former CELE students, foundation students etc. 


We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and are running reports to identify issues in the student timeline and academic process tracker (APT). Resolution for some students is very time consuming as it is necessary to make manual amendments at each indivdual stage of the process. The number of errors is reducing but new ones are also being generated as other data in the system is used for the first time.  Errors that affect module enrolments may also have an impact on individual timetables, Moodle and Rogo access. They may also prevent students from being visible in class lists and the Academic Work Centre. 


Some students have duplicate records in Campus Solutions 


Where students have duplicate records, we are working to consolidate these into one record. As an interim measure, we will put a marker on the main student record that should be used and we will provide you with further information soon.

DBS and Occupational Health check information not visible in Campus Solutions 

Resolution expected at the end of November

We are working through this issue, there are workarounds in place, and we expect to fully resolve this soon. 



Students cannot view timetables in MyCal 


MyCal was unavailable for a short period of time, however, the master timetable was available for students to reference during this time.  


Student timetable has not been built or is partially built


Some students had not completed registration or online module enrolment which meant that their timetable could not build until they completed this. Online module enrolment is now complete and students can now view their timetables. 

If students experience any problems with timetables they should contact Student Services.  



Academic Workcentre

Class lists are inaccurate in the Academic Workcentre 


This issue was caused by students making their module choices towards the end of the module selection period, or they changed their module choices.The majority of issues are now complete.  

If Campus Solutions does not show the students that you should have an association with, please advise us by completing a view request form


Unable to view the students you are associated with in the Academic Workcentre


There are a number of different associations in the Academic Workcentre.  More information about these can be found on the Campus Solutions Workspace site.  

Visibility of student records is affected by some data issues. In some cases module enrolments for these students will not be visible until the underlying issues are resolved, and we are currently in the process of resolving these. 

If you cannot see a student in the Academic Workcentre please complete the view request form.

In the first release of the Academic Workcentre there was a limit to the types of associations that could be built (Supervisors, Module Convenor etc.). It has become apparent that there is a requirement for further associations to be built for the academic community with different subsections of students associated with each. Primarily this is for those academics who have senior administrative roles where they need to see groups of students outside of the standard teaching or supervisory relationships.

By the end of December we expect that Programme Directors will be able to view students by course and by module. Some colleagues will also be able to view information for a whole department or school (such as Head of School, Head of Department, EC Officer etc.)

Further roles are also being created towards the beginning 2020, including Year Tutor, Hall Tutor and for specific student groups. 

15 open cases, 197 closed cases


Marks are currently unavailable in the Academic Workcentre 


You can view marks for the current academic year in BlueCastle, but please note that recent marks are only available after they are released to students. Marks from previous years can be viewed in Saturn Web

Marks will be available in the Academic Workcentre for the academic year 2020/21 and development work will commence on this over the coming months. 


Issues in viewing adjustment information (accommodations) for students with a disability or condition 


Staff can now see accommodations for students in the Academic Workcentre part of Campus Solutions. 

Students with a disability or condition can now see their accommodations in MyNottingham (the student-facing part of Campus Solutions). 



Systems linked to Campus Solutions

Students unable to access Rogo


If registration or module enrolment has not been completed correctly for a student, the student may not be able to access Rogo.

This issue has now been resolved.


Students unable to view module content in Moodle 


After a student completes online module enrolment, it takes 24 to 48 hours for them to access the module in Moodle. In a small number of cases there was a delay in the permissions moving into Moodle and so a manual intervention was required to ensure access was granted. In some instances the module convener had not opened up the module in Moodle. 

This issue has now been resolved.  


Unavailability or incorrect information about the number of registered students


There are instances where registration numbers are appearing to be lower than normal due to some students not having completed online registration in Campus Solutions. In some cases students thought they had completed online registration when they actually had not completed the process.

Approximately 333 students have not completed registration. This is mainly due to students not completing the payment of their tuition fees or students having immigration issues (usual activity for the start of session). 

If you cannot see a student that should be in Campus Solutions please complete the associations form so we can investigate and resolve this. 

You can view information regarding the number of students registered on a course by using Tableau. If you experience problems using Tableau, or you know that students have completed registration but are still not appearing in Tableau, email   



Issues with the quality of curriculum data and difficulties accessing it


Campus Solutions has been the authoritative source of curriculum data since the beginning of the 2018/19 academic year and Programme Directors and Module Convenors reviewed, amended and approved curriculum information earlier this year.

Campus Solutions uses both student record and curriculum data in a much more sophisticated way than our previous Saturn system and this has revealed some discrepancies and errors in the curriculum data.  We have been working with schools to correct issues that were identified.

If you identify errors or omissions in curriculum data please inform your local Student Services team 



Fees and funding

Student Finance England reporting for student maintenance loan


After a student completes online registration, their details are passed onto Student Finance England. Where students had not completed online registration fully, their details could not be passed onto Student Finance England as normal so this had to be completed manually to ensure they could obtain their student maintenance loan. We are also reviewing this process to ensure students complete registration. 


Delays in making payments to some students, including PGR stipend and bursary payments


A number of issues have been identified which prevented payments being made through Campus Solutions. Some of these issues were related to the system and have since been corrected, and some were due to incorrect data provided when the payment arrangement was set up.

There were some delays to payments whilst these issues were corrected. Students affected were offered emergency financial support whilst the issues were resolved.
We are working to improve the process where new payment arrangements are made in order to minimise future issues. 


When making online payments, some students cannot select what they are paying for, such as accommodation, tuition fee, CAS fee etc.

Estimated completion by end of December

Payments are currently being received as tuition fees and we are contacting students where the payment may be for another purpose. Work is being undertaken to make the correct options visible to students when they make payments. 


Tuition fees are being displayed incorrectly 

Estimated completion by end of December

A small number of students are experiencing errors with their tuition fee being displayed incorrectly in MyNottingham. If students are affected by this and they wish to make a payment, they can do this using the tuition fee amount quoted in their offer letter. 

If students have received a tuition fee scholarship, and/or their tuition fees are covered by a loan through Student Finance England or through a recognised sponsor, these payments will be reflected on their account over the next few weeks.

25 open cases



Other processes

Issues with 2018/19 marks and marks processing concerns 

Saturn Web should be used to view the complete set of marks and progression data for the 2018/19 academic year. 

There is an exams user group that has been set up and will review the Campus Solutions exam board pilot that took place last year. They will help to review the process so it runs effectively in Campus Solutions.


Student email distribution lists are not up-to-date


As the email distribution lists are linked to the student record, some students may appear more than once in a list. Some students that have left may also appear on a list. 
We are working to resolve these issues as a priority. In the meantime, please ensure you are using the new email distribution lists in Outlook by following the instructions below. 
The new distribution lists use the following format:   
UON - [Course owner] - [Career] - [UCAS code] - [Year Group]
Where [Course Owner] can be 
U = UK, C = China, M = Malaysia, FY = Faculty, SC = School, DD = Department
UON-USC-VET-UG-D100-Y03         UON-UDD-NEURO-PGT-A372-Y01
The old naming format is:  UON - [School code] - [UCAS code] - [Year Group]
Example:  UON-000262-UG-B160-Y1 
The old distribution lists will be removed soon, so please start using the new ones by following these steps: 
1. Remove the existing distribution lists from your frequent contacts list in Outlook: 
  • Open a blank email and in the ‘To’ box, start typing the name of the email distribution list that you usually use
  • When the name of distribution list appears, click on the ‘X’ next to the name to remove the list from your contacts list 
2. You can view the complete list of new email distribution lists on Workspace to identify the one that you require. In the Outlook address book, simply select the new distribution list when you next wish to email the group of students that you usually contact.  

Print facility unavailable or not working correctly


The timing of changes to the print service was driven by the expiration of a print contract and was not related to Campus Solutions. Full service has now been restored and work is being undertaken to ensure this issue is not repeated.


Reporting issues

Please follow these guidelines for reporting other issues:

  • If you should see a varied or different set of students in Campus Solutions, please complete a view request form
  • If you cannot see a student that should be on a particular module or course, or there are errors in curriculum data, contact your local Student Services team (login required).  
  • If you see other incorrect information in Campus Solutions, please speak to your local Support Coordinator.
  • If you are unsure about how to use Campus Solutions, please view the user guides and training, or you can ask your local Expert User
  • For any other problems please complete a support request form.  

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