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PhD viva voce success - Sara Palacios Arapiles

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Dr Nicholas Gervassis, Dr Natalie Hodgson and Sara Palacios Arapiles

Sara Palacios Arapiles passed her PhD viva voce examination on Wednesday 23 August 2023.

Sara’s thesis ‘Slavery in Refugee Status Determination Procedures in Europe: A Comparative Socio-Legal Study of Approaches to Eritrean Protection Claims’ was supervised by Annamaria La Chimia (Professor of Law and Development, University of Nottingham) and Dr Daria Davitti (Lund University, Sweden).   

The examiners were Dr Natalie Hodgson (Assistant Professor in Law, University of Nottingham) and Professor Jean-Pierre Cassarino (College of Europe, Poland).  Dr Nicholas Gervassis (Assistant Professor in Law (Technology and Data), University of Nottingham) served as the chair of the examination.

Posted on Thursday 24th August 2023

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