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Professor Derclaye to deliver three presentations at the Users' Rights Symposium

American University Law School is organising a symposium on copyright users’ rights, in other words what users can do with copyright works without permission from the copyright holder.

On 17 May, at a closed User Rights’ Network Meeting, Professor Estelle Derclaye presented part of her project on the national copyright case law of the EU Member States: “To what extent is the parody exception truly harmonized? An empirical analysis of the Member States’ case law post-Deckmyn”. The project is funded by the ESRC Impact Accelarator Account, British Academy and Google.

On 18 May, during the Public Symposium “Protecting Copyright User Rights from Contractual Override”, she will talk about the EU’s experience with imperative exceptions (i.e. those that cannot be contracted out), including the case law of the CJEU and EU Member States’ courts. Finally on 19 May, at the workshop on Strategies for Protecting User Rights from Contract Override (Library Copyright Alliance), she will carry on talking about the EU’s experience with colleagues to brainstorm solutions for the United States, which do not have imperative exceptions.

The 18 May 2023 symposium is hybrid and free to watch online. You can learn more about it here and register here.

Posted on Thursday 18th May 2023

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