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'Speculum Vitae' and 'The Lay Folks' Catechism' (WLC/LM/9)

WLC/LM/9, f. 248r

English, 1400-1425. 257 ff

The two texts in this volume are in different hands, and 'The Lay Folks' Catechism' forms the final quire. The volume retains an early, perhaps original binding. Dating is based on the most recent catalogue description: beginning of the 15th century (Reference: The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts)

'Speculum Vitae' is a long English poem addressed to laity, giving guidance on matters of faith and morality, composed 1350-1375. It gives guidance on the elements of the Christian faith, and explains the Ten Commandments, the seven sacraments, and the seven deadly sins, with much discussion of vices and virtues. It is a verse translation of the 'Somme le roi' by Lorens of Orleans.

The Lay Folks' Catechism (ff. 248r-257r) was composed by John Gaytryge in 1357 at the command of Archbishop Thoresby of York, and provides a similar doctrinal instruction in the elements of the Christian faith to 'Speculum Vitae', but in a much shorter form. The dialect of the text suggests a Leicestershire origin.

Image shows f. 248 recto, the first folio of The Lay Folks' Catechism.

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Published editions:

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Secondary literature:

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