Professional Development Materials

The programme includes a rich set of resources to support lead teachers in all aspects of the professional development. When planning a research lesson, lead teachers are provided with materials to help draw out key features of the lesson. Central to the support are video clips of teachers using the materials in FE resit classrooms. In the trials of the materials, all teachers found these incredibly useful. For each lesson, there is further guidance on how to conduct a research lesson and facilitate a productive post-lesson review. 

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Lead Teacher resources

Introduce the group to Maths-for-Life

The aim is to outline the purpose and structure of the Maths-for-Life programme for teachers 


Underpinning principles (PDF)

Professional Development Lesson 1

The focus in Lesson 1, Parts of a Whole, is on how to develop collaborative learning and to see how this contributes towards creating a collective classroom.

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Professional Development Lesson 2

The focus in Lesson 2, Proportional Reasoning, is on how models of structure can support cumulative dialogue in the classroom. 

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Professional Development Lesson 3

The focus in Lesson 3, Algebraic Expressions, is on how closure can help to develop purposeful dialogue in the classroom.

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Professional Development Lesson 4

The focus in Lesson 4, Contextual Problems, is on how cognitive conflict contributes towards reciprocal dialogue.

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Professional Development Lesson 5

The focus in Lesson 5, Handling Data, is on how formative assessment contributes towards supportive dialogue.

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