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May Fest

Highlights from the May Fest 2015 programme are below. Simply click on each one to find out more.

Having been to the event before and enjoyed it tremendously, Nottingham Science Blog has found that, quite simply, there is not enough time in the day to fit in all the stuff that there is to do and see!

Nottingham Science Blog

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We had a really enjoyable few hours at May Fest. My 7 year old really enjoyed exploring the exhibits. Three hours just isn’t long enough!


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May Fest programme 2015

Are you a University of Nottingham graduate?

University of Nottingham alumni were invited for free elevenses or afternoon tea at The Hemsley on University Park Campus. Alumni were welcome to bring up to three guests, and spend time reminiscing about their student years.



May Fest was a time for discovering new things: visitors could have a go at being a real-life Indiana Jones, try their hand at archaeology, learn how to wield Viking weapons or experience the lives of the ancient Romans. Our philosophers were on hand to discuss the deep issues of life, while our student-run theatre ran backstage tours of their sets.

Visitors to May Fest could take a guided tour across the universe, meet scientific superheroes and beat bacteria with the help of a water pistol! We enjoyed a day of explosions, exploration and interactive learning.

There were thrilling displays of technological innovations and demonstrations galore at May Fest! Visitors had the chance to enjoy rides on our Segway, brave speeds of up to 200mph on our virtual racing simulator, and watch our engineers wreak havoc as they demonstrated important facts of life, such as why glass smashes!


Whether voyaging through time with our Digital Humanities Centre, or staying in the present to make mini-beast hotels - there was just so much exploration to do this May Fest! This included facing a 23-foot snake in a game of adventure golf, testing your reflexes in one of the fastest sports on earth, or taking a tour of our grounds and gardens.

Visitors considering a return to study or wanting to find out more about the University and the work it does in the community were in good company at May Fest, where our staff and students were on hand to share their knowledge. 

Graduates of the University were invited to join our Alumni Relations team for free elevenses or afternoon tea at the Hemsley. There was the chance to reminisce about their time at Nottingham.

Creative juices were flowing at May Fest in our range of hands-on workshops. Whether music, film animation or learning how to take a camera-free selfie  the only thing standing between visitors and a masterpiece was their imagination!   

Visitors could explore how the human body works and discover how the wonders of modern medicine can help protect it from illness and injury. They also had the chance to meet the medics and researchers behind many of the advances in today's treatments.


With so many activities on offer at May Fest this year, we put together some itineraries with suggestions on how visitors might like to spend their time on the day.


Visitors were invited to take part in our Impact Campaign Trail and find out more about some of the projects in Impact: The Nottingham Campaign, the University's largest-ever fundraising appeal. Those who completed the trail were entered into a draw with the chance of winning a prize. 


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