Medical Crises in Older People
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Issue Date Title Author(s)
1 2010 (June) Provision of medical care in care homes in the UK

Gladman JRF

2 2010
Health Care Services for UK Care Homes

Gladman JRF, Logan P, Robbins I, Gordon A. & Goldberg S.



Better Mental Health in General Hospitals

Gladman JRF, Jurgens F, Harwood R, Goldberg S. & Logan P.




Days at home: an outcome measure in studies of specialist services providing care for older people

Gladman JRF, Harwood RH. & Conroy SP.




Development of a specialist medical and mental health unit for older people in an acute general hospital Development of a specialist medical and mental health unit for older people in an acute general hospital

Harwood R, Porock D, King N, Edwards G, Hammond S, Howe L, Russell C, Howard S, Jones RG. & Morrant JD.




The interface between acute hospitals and community care for older people presenting to acute medical units: a mapping review


Conroy S, Stevens A. & Gladman JRF.



Mental Health Problems on Hospital Wards: a listening event Goldberg S, Harwood RH. & Gladman JRF.



Nurse practitioners in UK care homes Gladman JRF. & Chikura G.
9 2012
The role of the interface geriatrician across the acute medical unit/community interface Gladman JRF, Kearney F, Ali A, Blundell A, Wong R , Laithwaite E, Shah N & Conroy S.
10 2012
Medical and mental health/better mental health development study
Gladman JRF, Harwood RH, Jones RJ, Porock D, Griffiths A, Schneider J & Lewis S.
11 2012 (Jun) Umbrella review of tools to assess risk of poor outcome in older people attending acute medical units Edmans JA, Gladman JRF, Havard D.


Carers’ perspectives on hospital dementia care Sartain K. & Kerr M.
13 2014 (Mar) Today is Monday – the evidence base behind a film about the care of people with dementia and delirium in hospital Gladman JRF, Harwood RH, Foster PER, Goldberg S, Davies O, Schneider J, Chadborn N.
14 2014 (May) Statistical report for the TEAM trial: Care in specialist medical and mental health unit compared with standard care for older people with cognitive impairment admitted to general hospital: randomised controlled trial Bradshaw L E Lewis SA, Goldberg SE Gladman JRF & Harwood RH
15 2015 (Apr)

Staff confidence, morale and attitudes in a specialist unit for general hospital patients with dementia and delirium – a qualitative study

Spencer K, Foster P, Whittamore KH, Goldberg SE & Harwood RH.
16 2015 (May)

Operationalizing person-centered dementia care in the acute general hospital

Russell C, Porock D, Dowling G, Clissett P, Harwood RH.


Medical Crises in Older People



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