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Hadia Noor

Trial Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



I have worked in clinical trials within the NHS for over a decade in Oncology, but recently decided I wanted to coordinate/set up trials in the work up stages. I joined NCTU with the aim to progress my career and ultimately manage a trial.

Expertise Summary

Currently working as a Trial Coordinator, working alongside a Trial Manager in helping work up a trial in set up stages. Some of the duties involve, development of trial materials, communications with Sponsor and Funder, site set up, working in compliance with the local NCTU SOPs.

Past Research

I have worked on many NHS based clinical trials predominantly in Oncology. I have experience on working with multiple electronic data capture systems, and practical laboratory experience (blood centrifugation, tumour sample preparation). Some of the disease sites I have worked in trials are: Upper GI, lower GI, lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, colon, bowel and pancreatic cancers. I gained a lot of experience whilst working in trials which delivered upcoming or existing drugs to cancer sufferers.

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