School of Medicine
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About us

The School of Medicine is the largest school in the University, covering a diverse range of medical and surgical disciplines.


Our mission is to improve human health and quality of life locally, nationally and internationally through outstanding education, research and patient care.


  1. Teaching and learning, particularly training tomorrow’s doctors and teaching specialised postgraduates
  2. Research and research training: We will perform and support the highest quality “big” research which impacts on human health and disease
  3. Partnership with the NHS and other healthcare providers
  4. Visibility and profile of the School of Medicine:We will do what we do better, and we will tell others about it

Ethos and principles

  1. Having people and patients at the heart of all we do: our teaching and learning, our research and our patient care
  2. Contribution within the School of Medicine and to society beyond our immediate roles; helpfulness and service
  3. Openness and fairness, with particular emphasis on communication (both internal and external) and on equality and diversity among students and staff
  4. Personal and group responsibility for all aspects of our work, within a culture of opportunity and reward




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School of Medicine

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