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Ian Bloor

Research Technician, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Ian joined the Academic Child Health team in 2008 to undertake his PhD investigating 'Inflammation and end-organ damage with obesity and gender' under the supervision of Professor Mike Symonds and Professor Ravi Mahajan. He was awarded his PhD in 2012 and was subsequently appointed as a postdoctoral researcher within the department working on the EU Early Nutrition Project.

Expertise Summary

  • mRNA and protein analysis
  • Endocrine signalling of adipose tissue
  • Inflammatory network response in the presence of obesity
  • HTA Person Designate

Research Summary

Ian is currently researching the effects of vibration, noise, physiological and biochemical instability that premature babies are exposed to during inter-hospital transport (Premitrans study).

Recent Publications

Past Research

During his PhD he was involved with determining the effects of gender and obesity on the function and physiology of kidneys and surrounding adipose tissue mediated by changes in metabolism and inflammation. He completed a post doctoral position researching the effects of maternal dietary interventions on placental function, specifically changes in glycaemic load during obesity in pregnancy and how these impact on energy sensing, lipid transfer and inflammation within the placenta and subsequent programming effects on development of the offspring.

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