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Katy Jones

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Teaching Summary

-Alcohol and drug use

-Health behaviour across the lifespan (from childhood to older adulthood)

-Impulse control and risk taking

-How to communicate in a medical context

Research Summary

My current research interests include:

  1. Alcohol and drug use from childhood to old age
  2. Social factors surrounding alcohol use, including social context
  3. Emotional regulation and self-compassion
  4. Measurement of impulsivity across the lifespan using trait and cognitive measures

Past Research

I worked at Swansea University (UK) for 4 years where I attained my PhD in the effects of recreational ecstasy and cannabis use on sleep and cognition. I then completed a postdoctoral position at University of Wollongong (Australia) measuring cognitive deficits in adolescent cannabis users with elevated impulsivity and risk taking. Moving from New South Wales, I obtained a Senior Research Fellow position at Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre (Melbourne, Australia) where I managed two large Victorian government funded projects, the first a qualitative and quantitative examination of benzodiazepine abuse and impulsive unplanned crime in long term heroin addicts and the second, the development of a screening program for alcohol use in GP surgeries.

At Nottingham I have developed my plan to examine the trajectory of addiction, from early onset at 11 years old in vulnerable children, to older adult alcohol and drug abuse in care homes. I am currently collaborating on a large population cohort grant investigating 18,000 British individual's drinking patterns across the lifespan, analysing socioeconomic and individual risk factors for future harm. I am also running a large University-wide online risk survey identifying substance use and risky behaviours in 700 undergraduate students, exploring how personality traits and emotional coping can predict alcohol-related harm. I obtained an early career scholarship to present my ideas for early intervention in the International Falling Walls Conference (Berlin 2012) and I am a fellow of the Shanghai Mental Health Centre (China. 2012) where I spent the summer collaborating with the alcohol and drug addiction team.

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