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Louise Lansbury

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Louise studied Medicine and spent several years working as a clinical microbiologist in hospitals around the UK. During this time she also worked on various laboratory-based microbiological projects, ranging from virus survival in glycerol-preserved cadaveric skin to analysis of the flagellin proteins of Helicobacter pylori. From 2007-8, Louise was the UK study co-ordinator for a pan-European project investigating the impact of antibiotic-resistant S.aureus and E.coli bloodstream infections.

In December 2014 Louise completed her PhD on the evidence-based management of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, having spent six years at the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology working on an NIHR-funded programme of work, 'Setting Priorities and Reducing Uncertainties in People with Skin Disease'.

Louise joined the Health Protection and Influenza Research Group as a Research Fellow in October 2014 where her research interests are seasonal and pandemic influenza and other communicable diseases. Since October 2017 she has been the Head of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Pandemic Influenza and Research and works closely on collaborative projects with the WHO European Regional Office in Copenhagen.

Research Summary

Mapping high-threat pathogens in Europe

Burden of influenza in Europe

Cochrane systematic review update of adjuvant corticosteroids in treatment of influenza

Systematic review of high dose versus standard dose influenza vaccines

Recent Publications

Past Research

Effectiveness of 2009 pandemic influenza vaccines

Best-practice guidance on prevention and control of influenza in long-term care facilities

Evidence-based management of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin

Future Research

Non-pharmacological interventions for influenza

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