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Marilyn James

Professor of Health Economics, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



I am an applied health economist with a well established track record for generating high quality research income even in times of austerity.

I am the Health Economics Advisor to the National Diabetic Retinopathy Network "Four Nations Group" and was economics advisor to the Department of Health's National Screening Committee's Ante Natal Sub Group. In addition I was founding head of the Health Economics (R&D) Unit Centre for Health Planning and Management, Keele University.

My knowledge has been developed across a number of sectors having worked directly in the NHS at unit and district levels, a large inner city PCT; academia and the private sector as senior global health economist to AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals. During my doctoral studies I was employed as the health economist to West Lancashire Health Authority. Whilst in industry I worked on mega brand drugs and the design and delivery of major international trials, taking Crestor through the reimbursement process with a number of Prescription Pricing Authorities worldwide.

I have for many years provided technical and policy advice to Regional R&D directorates in health economics. I am a respected health economic reviewer for a number of government bodies and research councils nationally and internationally, including: the Department of Health's College of Experts, the SDO, New Zealand's Department of Health, Hong Kong's Department of Health and the MRC. The primary objective for my research is applied economic evaluation. My current research portfolio is wide and is concentrated upon the practical application of economic evaluation in a number of research settings. These include evaluation in pharmaceuticals, nutritional support, orthopaedics, orthotics, ophthalmology, diabetes, renal medicine, cardiac care, A&E medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology. I was responsible for producing the economic guidance for the National Service Framework in Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy based on original research, economic modelling and evidence review. Cost utility analysis has been a further focus of my applied research using health utility indices such as EuroQol to assist purchasers in making prioritisation decisions. Permission has been gained recently to use the EQ5DY comparing this to Sheffield's CHU.

Research funding has been obtained from the Department of Health, Research Councils, Charities, Regional Health Authorities, District Health Authorities, individual practitioners and the private sector. Contribution to research income totals some several million pounds. I have successfully completed a Department of Health Programme Development Grant and am active in a second. The programme grant Introducing personalised risk based intervals in screening for diabetic retinopathy: development, implementation and assessment of safety, cost effectiveness and patient experience. Has resulted in the publication of the largest trial of ophthalmology in the world :Broadbent, D.M., Wang, A., Cheyne, C.P. James M., James Lathe J., Stratton IM., Roberts J., Moitt T., Vora JP., Gabbay M., García-Fiñana M., Harding SP., & the ISDR Study Group. (2021) Safety and cost-effectiveness of individualised screening for diabetic retinopathy: the ISDR open-label, equivalence RCT. Diabetologia 64, 56-69.

I have published and presented widely in the field of clinical and economic evaluation and applying health economics to policy issues. With journal articles in publications such as the BMJ, Rheumatology, Diabetic Medicine, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Health Policy and the British Journal of Surgery. My book on "Harnessing Information for Health Economics Analysis" (2006) takes the reader through the practical challenges and approaches of using and obtaining health economics information and is a guide for people working in all aspects of the health economy to using and interpreting health economic information.

Expertise Summary

Health Economist and expert in economic evaluation

Teaching Summary

I am regularly invited as a health economist key note educator to prestigious Medical Conferences e.g.s below

European Diabetic Association Barcelona Sept 2019

American Association of Vision and Retinal Ophthalmologists Oct 2021

I teach health economics to postgraduates and health care practitioners both within Nottingham on the NCTU trials course DTC and have run the Health Economics module for Keele University's MBA

Research Summary

I have a full portfolio of active projects in applied economic and clinical evaluation. These include a large programme grant on diabetic eye screening, which examines issues of personalised… read more

Selected Publications

Current Research

I have a full portfolio of active projects in applied economic and clinical evaluation. These include a large programme grant on diabetic eye screening, which examines issues of personalised medicine, it utilises modeling techniques and incorporates a full RCT. In addition there are a number of further clinical and economic RCTs in areas such as othropaedics, rehabilitation and stroke medicine.

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